ONE OF US ambassadors


An important part of the ONE OF US campaign has been to create a group of ambassadors to help spread the message of the campaign and spearhead change through concrete activities.

We recruit the ambassadors among the volunteers that have contacted us. It is important that ambassadors have lived experience with mental health problems. Furthermore, they need to be able to put this personal experience into perspective. It is vital that ambassadors are well on the way in their recovery process or are in a good place in their lives.

All ambassadors receive a three-day oral presentation course developed and carried out by external communication concultants with special expertise in the field. They learn to structure their personal stories, adapt them to different audiences, deal with the media and protect personal boundaries and maintain integrity when disclosing. They are also introduced to the ONE OF US campaign.

The ambassadors develop new materials, do face-to-face talks, presentations, stands, etc. Social contact activities are carried out in at events such as:

  • Festivals
  • Conferences
  • Workshops and training courses